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Stars Youth Charity Club is a non-profit organization that is formed by school-age youth and is dedicated to encouraging and empowering young volunteers to serve communities and meet humanitarian needs.

Our mission is:

  • To promote international exchange of cultures through various forms of performing arts such as dancing
  • To serve our community in the form of volunteer services at senior centers, local libraries, schools, and performances at public gatherings such as the ACCEF Gala, San Diego Sea World Park, and Petco Park
  • To raise funds and support global children programs such as UNICEF, China Hope School, as well as community impacting programs such as local school libraries, food banks, and children’s hospitals
  • To guide and support the youth to become responsible citizens and assets to their communities through education, community service projects, and other charity-based projects
  • To partner with the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) organization in recognizing qualified and outstanding community volunteers



  • 通过舞蹈等多种艺术形式促进国际文化交流。
  • 提供志愿服务或演出机会帮助青少年志愿者服务其所在的社区,比如定期的老人院演出,当地图书馆和学校的义务服务活动,参与各种大型晚会或文化交流活动。
  • 募集资金用于捐助国际儿童互助项目,如联合国儿童基金会,中国希望工程,或捐助对当地社区有积极影响力的项目,如公立学校图书馆,粮食组织和儿童医院等等慈善项目。
  • 通过青少年教育,社区服务及其他慈善活动,积极引导并帮助青少年成长为有使命感和责任感的公民,未来社区发展的中坚力量。
  • 联手美国总统志愿服务奖励组织一起考核并奖励符合总统奖标准的杰出的志愿者。