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Carmel Mountain Rehab – 03/26/2016

On March 26, 2016 at 10:30 am, Michelle Shi, Sophie Shi, Jessica Li, and Michelle Lai participate in community service for senior citizens in Carmel Mountain Rehab at 11895 Avenue of Industry, San Diego, CA 92128.  Each of them practised the physical exercise with a senior citizen by throwing and catching the balls.  In addition, the kids performed dancing and playing piano.  Sophie Shi played "Ca...
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Donation to Design39Campus Library

东方之星俱乐部献爱心活动第一站 - D39 Campus 学校图书馆 3/23/2016早晨,俱乐部理事白云女士和成员Anna Feng代表俱乐部为D39 学校图书馆捐赠了一些益智玩具,并和校长及图书馆馆长合影留念。照片和俱乐部的信息会放在D39C官方Facebook上与公众分享。更多的爱心捐助活动正在筹划中,希望有志于公益慈善活动的小朋友们加入东方之星,让我们一起传递爱心,回报社区。 点击“Join Us”,填写简明的登记表格,你就可以成为东方之星大家族的一员!
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